i.MX 8M - the perfect core for our hardware?

by Podolszki

NXP is offering different versions of the upcoming i.MX 8, each with a different set of features.

We have created a simple block diagram, showing what an i.MX 8M SBC could look like, of course, the Core of the SBC could be any i.MX8 CPU available. How do you like this version? What features would you like to see on top? Feel free to comment and discuss!

Block diagram i.MX 8M

Here come the thoughts that we had in mind:

The outline of this design could help to speed up many projects. The SBC is based on the i.MX 8M with its 4 Cortex A53 Cores and its capability to play videos in 4k with 60 frames per second. Some possible applications:

  • The SBC could easily drive your home cinema with movies in the highest resolution currently available.
  • It could be a perfect choice to set up your private cloud with USB3.0 storage devices attached.
  • Connect it to your network either via WiFi or with the fully integrated 1GBit Ethernet connection to get even more media functionallity.
  • You could also create your own surveilance camera based on this SBC, adding a cheap MIPI-CSI Camera.

There are many more ideas that could be realized with such a device. We're looking forward to yours and are happy to incorporate your ideas in our design!