Cre8ing your imagination

by Podolszki

Phytecs experience
PHYTEC solutions have been deployed in thousands of systems across a wide range of industries and applications, such as control and automation, medical, test and measurement, automotive, energy, transportation and many more.
We provide end to end solutions for companies seeking full product development support from a single source, enabling them to shorten time-to-market, reduce development costs and avoid substantial design risk in bringing products to market.
Creating longliving System on Modules (SOM) for the industrial customer is our daily business, with our 30 years of experience in this industrial use-case we have a pretty good idea on how to position our upcoming i.MX8 SOM.
But for our newest idea, a community driven i.MX8 Single Board Computer (SBC), we are not only asking our customers, what they need, we are asking YOU and EVERYONE interested.

Your ideas
Everyone can be and shall be part of our discussion about featurelists, interfaces or possible use-cases.
The rapidly growing maker-scene has shown us how many talented people are out there working on bringing their electronics projects to reality.

Working together to create the first i.MX8 Community SBC
With your ideas and also the ideas of many others around the world, we will create that SBC, that you were looking for but failed to find.

We have chosen the i.MX8 as the CPU for this SBC, because of its wide range of possibilities. NXP has created a very powerful CPU with many different interfaces, that could fit in nearly every project. Being part of NXPs Alpha Partner program for the i.MX8 allows us to bring your ideas to market very fast.
Decoding of h.265 for 4K videos, HDMI input for capturing, 2 GBit Ethernet interfaces, SATA3, USB3, PCIE 3.0 are just some examples of amazing connectebility.

The forums are divided into 3 special parts:
Project ideas

This forum is for all your ideas, for everything you want to achieve or create using this future SBC.

Hardware requirements
What hardware features you want to have on the Board, or how you want to have it. Something critical you want?
Any hardware related comment belongs here.

Software requirements
Do you want to have a Linux running on the device? Which driver and librarys are mandatory?
Everything that comes to your mind when thinking about software.

Feel free to join the forums and tell us about your ideas!